Ritmo y Armonia

Since the 1980's, Fito Reinoso has made the Bay Area his home and is the only Cuban born based sonero in the area performing a variety of styles, from the most recent urban Havana grooves to "timba" to the classic son and cha-cha-cha, all with a voice reminiscent of the late and beloved legendary Cuban singer, Beny Moré.
His dynamic personality and showmanship has led him to collaborate with some of the top musicians who reside in Cuba and the United States. Most recently, he has been in the studio recording his fourth album, featuring special guests such as Kina Mendez (Gitana Master Vocalist from Spain), Mayquel Gonzalez (Cuban Trumpet player with Mezcla and Irakere), Grammy-Nominated Cuban Bay Area vocalist Jose Luis Gomez, as well as showcasing young Bay Area talent including Patricio Angulo (timbal), Colin Douglas (traps), Matt Lucas (congas), Sam Bevan (bass), and Bob Crawford (piano). Rounding out the line-up are Cuban born Roberto Morris Amaya (trumpet) and Dileyvis ""El Niche" Romero (trumpet).

If you are looking for the scorching rhythms of Cuban new-wave, Fito Reinoso and Ritmo y Armonia is guaranteed to please. Called "the Bay Area's up-an-coming band" by Latin Beat magazine, the band features an undeniable Cuban sound, which reflects Cuba's street beat as well as its broad musical heritage. "Ritmo y Armonia" plays primarily original music, composed by Fito and inspired by contemporary Cuban rhythms. The orchestra plays more traditional Cuban genres such as son-montuno, cha-cha-cha, and bolero but always with a sound that is authentic. And don't miss Fito and his band weekly at hot salsa dancing spots such as The Ramp, Cafe Pier 23, and Club Jelly's.

Fito Reinoso – Lead Vocals

Patricio Angulo – Timbal, Musical Director

Jose Luís Gomez – Backing Vocals and Percussion

Roberto Morris Amaya – Trumpet

Dileyvis “Niche” Romero – Trumpet

Bob Crawford – Piano

Sam Bevan – Bass

Matt Lucas – Congas